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Helix Studios and Cosplay

Today I tapped in ‘Helix Studios’ into the internet and came across a site I have seen quite a few times. It is called, and they have a whole load of twink clips, and sometimes full length hardcore movies on offer. I was in the mood for something completely different, and as I was in a fun kind of mood, I went to see what their categories are. I wasn’t surprised to see the usual kinds of things suchs as: Bareback gay teens and twinks even some really good compilation scenes of hot fucking and cumming. What got my caught my attention though was the Helix and Cosplay movies. I clicked on the cartoon one first to see what that was all about.
helix studios
I thought they would be quite funny, but in fact, they are very, very good. They have 3D movies and Hentai gay cartoons. Unlike some Helix Studios porn movies I have seen in the past where a guy has got an impossibly huge cock, these guys look normal. Well, as normal as a twink character can get. I did actually find myself getting aroused, but it did remind me of the hot twinks I watched was really sexy, it felt slightly wrong somehow, for me anyway. I thought I would be a bit more mature about things, so I went and had a look at cosplay.

Cosplay for those who don’t know, is guys getting dressed up as their favourite super teen hero, or in any other kind of costume. Super heroes seem to be the ‘In’ thing at the moment, and when I saw Spiderman on the bed with his hands bound together, I couldn’t help but watch it. It starts off with a baddie coming through the open window. Spiderman has his hands tied up so the baddie, rubs his body all over. He smacks his ass, and then takes his clothes off and leaves the mask on. After the baddie has shot his load over Spidey he disappears, but comes back as another Spiderman and both Spidermen go wild with lust. I know it all sounds a bit silly and over the top, but the fucking twink scenes are quite a turn on. There are plenty of different ones to choose from. In one movie, a hot guy is dressed like a Spartan at a party and all the other guys have their turn with him. In another, Robin gets the better of Superman and soon has him on his knees sucking on his hard rock. There are a few straight ones on this page too, but there are also cops and robbers, hot firemen hosing down a couple of young guys. Sex is about having fun, and sometimes it’s even good to laugh when you are doing it, or even watching it.
Let your imagination go, break free from the seriousness of it all. Watch Cosplay or Helix Studios for a change when you tap in gay teen porn, and have fun, because without having fun in your life, then what’s it all about.…

A Site Review of hot gay teens

At first, things begin good; you’ve the first of seven webpages as your members gay pay website, that is seven pages of picture galleries and movies. All showing you gay teen in hardcore action. Well, mostly the photo galleries really good but the movie options run out. Then as it’s possible to browse through the listing, as you find twinks which you understand, or at least I did. There are a few who were new to me also, so there is a little mixture. However, what’s consistent is the reality that these are hot gay teens and frequently twinks in their 20s therefore that portion of the tour promise was held.

gay teen modelAdditionally, you will locate a mixture of quite happy naked amateur men with activity vids solo galleries and display caps, couples and trios and selection in this versions also. There’s enough of oral and homosexual anal getting location, lots of cute men with nice cocks and smooth butts, free gay hot teens with rates and changing appearances of some variety in the set-ups and prettiness with at house scenes and types all bubbling near together. You just possess a range of streaming clips in two characteristics in WMV as well as some downloadable clips too, when you come to look at a video. Although a fullscreen version is just about okay, these, though explain reddish as hi-def, are sort of normal in size.

And that means you’ve got several young men that are hot to bring on your eye and some hardcore pictures that are awesome, exactly like you like you’ve in manya twink website, but are there other interests? Other grounds to join Gay Twink Rookies? Well, you do get the reward websites, and within you might well find a number of the men that are same, but these places that are additional bring a little more variety to you. Scroll down the homepage to locate the listing including fathers, hunks men, Asians and a lot of other genres also. With one-click it is possible to ease into some of the places to take a look at the extras which come together with your membership and, as they’re linked to every other, its simple to ease again or into the following one to where you began.

Your members area also contains some MPGs, which are not long and fairly inferior quality clips, there are a few on-line games to perform, hyperlinks to speak sites, some web feeds to perspective in the event that you have a need for it, and also a support link. Occasionally the most truly effective menu and a spot on the house page will link you although it ought to be getting you but just scroll the front page across and you are going to observe precisely what is a part of your membership.…